Hard Disc Reserved Partition

  morddwyd 10:04 26 Nov 2010

Looking at my hard disc partitioning I notice I have two reserved partitions.

One is a "System, Active, Primary Partition" of only 100mb of which 62% is free.

The other is a "Recovery Partition" of 12.7 gb of which 100% is free.

Could somebody please clarify? 100mb seems to be a bit small for any sort of operating partition, and the "Recovery Partition" should surely have something in it?

Acer 5738 running Win 7 64 bit.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:19 26 Nov 2010

The contents of the recovery partition may be hidden and so not visible to the operating system.

  Terry Brown 11:19 26 Nov 2010

I'm guessing that the 100mb partition is to do with the machine boot up (link to BIOS ?).

However the 12.7gb should contain the recovery information to rebuild your machine, in the event of a major error.

Are you sure it is empty, as it may be in a format that windows 7 does not reconise, and therefore shows as empty, or it may be accessable only when the recovery option is selected.

  xania 12:09 26 Nov 2010

It is not unusual for the recovery partition files to be invisible to view, but I would be more concerned about the fact that the partition is shown as 100% free. You don't say how old your system is, or whether, when you bought it, you were given any recovery discs, or instructions, but frankly, I would get in touch with your supplier and/or manufacturer and ask some impertinent questions, as I suspect that your recovery partition may well have been wiped and you need to act while you stil have a working machine.

  lotvic 12:51 26 Nov 2010

Just a few points (sorry if it sounds a bit short - in a rush as have to go out)

Hard disk partitions explained on Acer click here

have you created the recovery CD/DVD ?
It's possible that you have to create the first recovery image (not sure on that though)
have you clicked on 'Acer' and looked at the eRecovery menu?
another useful link click here

Aspire 5738: Have you done the 'CRITICAL SAFETY UPDATE REQUIRED' click here the power adaptor on affected units may overheat, you have to d/load and install an updated version of bios.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:52 26 Nov 2010

If you install from a DVD/Image on to a clean disk, it will create a 100mb partition for you. This will contain all the boot folder and associated files.
Pre-installed machines are usually just disk imaged from a master.
This is why the product key in the registry may not match the sticker on the machine.
(My Medion came up as fake when MS introduced WGA due to this method of fast installing machines)

If you pre-partition your disk the the installation will install everything into you boot partition (usually C:\...) and there will be no 100MBb partition

I agree with xania the recovery partition should have something in there although the partition itself is usually hidden.

  morddwyd 20:07 26 Nov 2010

Thanks for the responses.

I have only looked at these partitions using the Disc Management utility.

They don't show up anywhere else.

I've used e-recovery, so there's obviously recovery data somewhere.

Not too bothered about disaster recovery as I take an Acronis clone regularly. I also have a couple of retail copies of Win7 which I can use with the product key on the laptop.

I'll leave this open a while longer.

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