Hard Disc Replacement.

  askgreg 21:36 22 Apr 2006

I want to replace my existing HD with a larger one.I am using XP ( Home edition ) but only have the 3 recovery discs supplied by the computer manufacturer.
What will be the best way of going about this replacement, will I be able to do a full backup and then copy to the new disc.? All suggestions will be most welcome.

Many thanks in anticipation.Greg

  Diodorus Siculus 21:47 22 Apr 2006

Why not add the new hard disk as a slave - then you can leave the old one intact?

If that's not possible, then try something like True Image to create an image of the old one.

  martjc 21:52 22 Apr 2006

...visiting the website of the manufacturer of the new disk - there will be software there to handle your needs, if your intention is to rerplace the original disk.
But, as Diodorus says, why not have a two disk system? It makes sense - you can have your O.S. on C: and data/progs on D: [the slave].

  billyliv 07:48 23 Apr 2006

My method would be to set your new disk as 'Slave', then as martjc says use makers solftware to 'Copy' the complete contents from old to new. When it has finished copying, set the new drive as 'Master' and the old drive as 'Slave'. You then have a complete back-up which can be updated as you wish. Cheers, Bill

  askgreg 09:57 23 Apr 2006

Many Thanks to you all.Hopefully I will try your suggestions today.


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