Hard disc failure? Motherboard failure

  cowgirl66 13:02 26 Sep 2013

Somethig was going wrong with my PC I noticed when booting up my PC and a "Pentium Inside" logo appeared. I then tried to run an sfc /scannow command, but the command window just flashed up on the screen and was gone. I tried to do a system restore, but that failed to run. I also tried to restore a registry clean which BitDefender Total Security 2013 had done several times but it failed to restore any of them. Going to Safe Mode was no good because only a strip of the dislay was showing at the top of the screen. The same happened with the BIOS display.

I then thought the only options was to reinstall Windows 7 but now the computer is in a real pickle. The reinstall ran for so long, then half way through the install, the screen showed only a strip of blue of the Windows install program at the top of the screen. Losing the display as I had done with the BIOS and Safe Mode displays. So now when I put the disc in it goes to Safe Mode because Windows was shut down without installing, and if I start the computer without the setup disc in, it runs only so far as where the setup came to end with only a part of the display, and I can't go any further. Could this be a hard disc problem? Or a motherboard problem? Or a BIOS problem?

I have inserted a new CR2032 cell batter as Fruitbat told me; but it seems it's a lot more serious as this hasn't solved the problem.

Any help please? I am missing my PC dreadfully

Regards cowgirl66

  rdave13 13:59 26 Sep 2013

I would remove the hard drive and switch on. The fans should be spinning and you should see a bios post screen then an error message that there is no bootable medium, or words to that effect, installed. If that happens then I would suspect the drive is failing.

  lotvic 14:13 26 Sep 2013

For info: cowgirl66's other thread for history of pc problem click here and cowgirls66's post at 1:23PM

  rdave13 14:35 26 Sep 2013

Thanks lotvic.

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