Hard disc constantly reading/writing

  Bulebule 03:19 08 Jul 2003

Hard disc is constantly reading/writing even when machine hasn't been used for twenty minutes.

1) antivirus - none detected
2) trojan detector - none detected
3) spybot - nothing
4) Closed all applications and used ctrl+alt+del to close down all programs running in background.
Effect -none
5) Used system disc to boot in MS-Dos and still the disc is chuntering away after twenty minutes.
6) Changed IDE cable to disc - no change

Any ideas anyone

  AndySD 03:23 08 Jul 2003

What is the operating system...is it on a network or broadband.

Have you tried running scandisk/chkdsk?

  graham√ 08:55 08 Jul 2003

If on XP,disable unused services from the start menu click here

  Bulebule 11:58 08 Jul 2003

On Windows 98SE. No network or broadband. Scandisk and chkdsk had been run.

  billyliv 12:02 08 Jul 2003

Hi, A common occurrence of this nature is having 'Go Back' installed. You may have a similar back up programme installed. Cheers, Bill

  Steven135 12:19 08 Jul 2003

Do you have Misrosoft Office? could be the indexing service (though if it happened before windows loaded its doubtful) I know this drove me up the wall before I figured it out.

  canard 14:23 08 Jul 2003

Same prob- it was the not-in-use-digicam. Uninstalled it and AOK.

  wee eddie 20:31 08 Jul 2003

I shall try any solutions on offer.

Previous advice to me on here was incipient HDD failure, but that was over 6 months ago.

  powerless 20:35 08 Jul 2003

Windows will house keep when its not in use.

  Gaz 25 20:45 08 Jul 2003

Mine flashes quite a bit on start-up and so does the Floppy (Ughhh?)

Is this Ok, the floppy flashing just before I log-in as though it is looking for a disk?

I dont know.

  Prof ;o) 21:26 08 Jul 2003


yeah thats fine never know it to represent a problem yet.


go to click here download a small app called regcleaner a HDD can "appear" to be in use if the registry is in a bad way.

2.do a search for a program called system mechanic download and run that as well. if that still dont do it run a norton disk defrag utility and if that dont fix it...then i dunno y its doing that!


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