Harassment via Gmail and tracing of IP

  Enquirer555 09:36 19 Mar 2018

Under what circumstances will the police subpoena Gmail for an IP address? I have been harassed by my ex girfriend but it has stopped a few months ago. She has not so much harassed me as she harassed my other ex girlfriend and my ex wife. I have recently gone on a dating site and started chatting to this woman. I told this woman about my ex and she emailed my ex to try make peace. I think this woman I was chatting is actually my ex trying to get information. If I go to the police will they do anything? I have also gotten an email from my exe's husband where he says that I must stop lying to this woman I'm chatting to on the date site. The date site woman never contacted me again and blocked me after my ex told her I was lying. What do I do? Will the police help?

  Forum Editor 14:47 19 Mar 2018

Police will only become involved in a situation if they see evidence that a crime has, or is about to be committed.

From what you've said here I can see no evidence of a crime - it's a personal domestic issue. Whether or not you approach the Police is a matter for you to decide - we aren't lawyers, and we're not here to provide advice relating to personal relationships.

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