happy with my printer driver - why isn't wxp?

  fatjacK 14:13 25 Jun 2004

Any ideas? I’ve just started up a t-shirt printing business. I use a Panasonic printer that has been re-configured to suit the transfer media with a specialised driver to match.

Things are working fine but windows XP keeps prompting me to re-install or up-date the printer driver. Is there a way I can tell windows I want to keep the installed driver as is?

  €dstowe 15:10 25 Jun 2004

Not heard of specialised drivers being necessary to enable t-shirt printing.

As far as I've experienced, all that is necessary is to reverse the original and print with only one sheet in the printer at a time (to prevent multiple feeding of expensive media).

Are you sure what you have done is necessary?

  fatjacK 16:00 25 Jun 2004

you’re correct that’s all that would be required with an ink-jet printer.
This is a new laser printer system coupled with specialist software to run a plotter/cutter.
The coated media makes demands on the printer that would not be met by standard drivers.
I just need xp to accept this.

  €dstowe 16:56 25 Jun 2004

Does it required, likewise, specialist transfer paper?

If you're using conventional "iron-on" transfers for the t-shirts you are taking a great risk in passing this stuff through a laser printer.

The heat of the fuser in the printer will melt the transfer medium of the paper - wrecking the drum of the printer.

Can you explain your setup a bit more?

  fatjacK 14:21 26 Jun 2004

Yes this is specialist toner paper created for laser printers. The result is an image that will not fade on the garment for over 50 washes.

The printer itself has several built in modifications to accept this media hence the need for a non-standard driver. The driver works perfectly well but each time the printer is switched on windows xp cannot detect or does not like the installed driver and tries to install another one.

  €dstowe 15:05 26 Jun 2004

Have you asked Panasonic or whoever reconfigured the printer about this?

  fatjacK 09:25 28 Jun 2004

yes all the equipment was installed on-site. I was told then that if windows asks to install the printer just click cancel. I suppose clicking cancel now and again is not the end of the world, it just niggles me that there must be a way to make the device manager accept this driver.

  €dstowe 09:45 28 Jun 2004

It seems like a case of sloppy program writing. It shouldn't be too difficult for the system/program creators to stop this happening.

If I had been sold a setup like this, I would with-hold payment until it was fixed. Obviously if you've already paid, you can't do this but you can express your dissatisfaction in strong terms.

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