HANNS 196D Adjustments please

  Furkin 14:01 03 Nov 2006

Hi, anyone out there got a 19" Hanns 196D ?

Have just taken delivery of mine & am setting it up on my ACER T120.
I'm finding the colours a bit wishy washy.
Have tried a few basic things, to no avail.
I don't want to alter the computer settings, as it just seems to be this monitor.
In the colour settings, the 'factory settings' are all 50%,,, & 'user settings' all 100%. I've tried adjusting them,,,, but it dosn't help.
Have also tried adjusting contrast.

also: I only have 'normal' connection (not DVI) Am I right in assuming that I can only get 1024 x 768 resolution like this ? ('they' recommend 1280x1024)
Is it worth my getting a DVI adapter,,, or is that just a way of getting connector to fit ?
Any other help/advice appreciated.

all the best

  Stuartli 14:37 03 Nov 2006

You can download the manual at:

click here

  Furkin 15:53 03 Nov 2006

Hi again Stuartli,
Mine isn't listed there.
I am hoping that other users can enlighten me,,, usualy peoples 'hands-on' experiences tend to be 'proper' useage,,,, not just a workshop 'ought to be'.
cheers again

  GaT7 18:44 03 Nov 2006

I think the main reason for the colour problem is because it's not operating at it's default res of 1280x1024. Can you not change this in Windows' Display Properties>Settings? Drag the slider till you get the correct setting. I don't think the standard VGA connection (as against DVI) has any bearing on this, although I could be wrong.

I have another Hanns-G model (widescreen) & the colours are brilliant - did change many of the default settings in OSD menu to suit me though.

The manual can be obtained from click here. Direct PDF link ---> click here. G

  Furkin 08:18 04 Nov 2006

CROSSBOW7: Thanks - I have now upped the resolution within Display to 1280x1024 - which does make things look a bit 'nicer' if smaller.

I will get around to adjusting the colours over the weekend again. I know what the Factory & User settings are,,, but what are the others for ? Are they 'Colour Temps' ?

I have that manual on CD thanks.

Of course, I am used to a CRT monitor, so it might take ME a while to adjust !

Thanks both for your help.

  GaT7 16:33 04 Nov 2006

You will get used to it - I know what's it like. Couple of months ago I went from a CRT (15") to a 19" widescreen TFT - it took me 2-3 weeks to adjust. Now I'll never go back to a CRT unless I have no choice.

To give you some idea, these are my monitor's OSD display settings. You may have to set higher values for all as I'm using the DVI interface. Go for something that best suits you - there aren't any right/wrong settings:

* Brightness (B): 25
The default (set at 100 I think) was a bit blinding for me - I was getting eyestrain. This, along with the settings below, could be contributing to the washed-out colour for you.

* Contrast (C): 70

* Colour: User settings - all values (RGB) set to 60

As I went from a 800x600 to 1440x900 res, I had to make many changes in Windows' Display Properties>Appearance so that everything didn't appear too small (this is what my desktop looks like now click here). If you want I can tell you all my settings there. It's important to get it right for your eyes & preference though.

Remember one golden rule with TFTs - for the best results always set them at their native/recommended resolutions (one exception may be when playing certain games). G

  Furkin 09:30 07 Nov 2006

Crossbow - thanks again,
What a great picture,,, reminds me of when I used to go pot-holing in derbyshire,,, not that I ever saw anything like that !

BRIGHTNESS: Way too low for me - have settled on 85 at the moment.
CONTRAST: Have settled on 75 for the moment.
COLOUR: 60 seems o.k.

(with a CRT / TV I turn all colour off to set best brightness/contrast that I can get,,, then turn colour up as required. This dosn't work with this set-up tho'. I also say to people that they have to set up their stuff to their own liking,,,)

I've now spent 4 days playing about,,,, but I'm still not chuffed with it.

Might drop a line to HANNS.

Is there a 'test card' on the 'net that we can use for set-ups ?

all the best for now

  Furkin 09:40 07 Nov 2006

Found a test card & followed a couple of adjustments.
Things are a lot better.
I'll put the rest of it down to the difference between CRT & TFT for the time being.

I'll click this as Resolved, but I would still like to hear from other users on the subject.

thanks to all readers

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