hangup at bootup

  chippy+ 20:11 28 Sep 2003

Ihave refomatted and reinstalled w98se on my daughters comp but it dos'nt start up first it sometimes takes two or three times to complete startup I have stoppe all unneeded programs at msconfig but it dos'nt help when it dose start up every thing us fine the programs are fast to change I have defraged cleaned out internet file
any ideas
ps cananyone supply me with wxp support tool files thanks

  woodchip 20:53 28 Sep 2003

It will be a driver problem. Get Bla.exe from click here let the page load fourth from top in list. it does not need to be loaded it is a free running program that will check you startup boot file and tell you what is slowing it down. To use start computer by pressing F8 and choose from list to create a boot file, then unzip the above file and double click the Bla.exe I seem to remember last time I used it that there are tabes on the box to check different things.

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