hangs when printing

  John-251129 17:22 08 Oct 2003

I have a pc that hangs intermitantly while print documents of more than 15 pages.

os winxp printer epsom c82

also, I cannot delete the document from print manager without rebooting


  Rtus 18:36 08 Oct 2003

Are the print Spool Settings set to Raw ? And is the status monitor working ok with XP .If I remember correctly ( & Im not saying I am)Isnt it the Windows 2ooo driver thats used for the C82 in XP or have they written new Xp driver..

  John-251129 15:08 09 Oct 2003

as in "printer properties/advanced/print processor/ win print--raw ?


what is the significance of "raw, raw[ff append]...etc.

  Rtus 19:10 09 Oct 2003

RAW and EMF.> having printer problems. It is best
to set it to RAW then since that will be the printers 'language'. Also if
you are doing DOS printing, you will probably want to set it to RAW.
Another source > A raw spool file is a one that is sent to the Windows spooler unprocessed (which is why it's called "raw"). The raw file is used to send Postscript commands to a Postscript printer. The Postscript commands are understood by the printer, but are just plain data to the Windows spooler. The raw format is device-dependent and slower. If printing problems occur while using the EMF format, they can sometimes be fixed by simply changing the format to "raw" in the printer Properties.

  Rtus 19:12 09 Oct 2003

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