hanging/sticking & just not playing

  scottishflower 14:32 25 Sep 2003

thanks for looking! My PC has started to hang/stick for no reason. Well its tied into explorer, sometimes it just doesn't load - the egg timer just goes on and on. Con/alt/del isn't working so I have to restart. Alongside this have lost hyperlinks(?) eg if I wanted to do a smilie no probs but if I want to use one that wasn't on this page nothing happens - I cant get "into" the page. I recently did my monthly clean up and spy bot hightlighted c-dilla as a possible removal. I did this but have since restored. Help me please.

  MAJ 14:41 25 Sep 2003

C-dilla is spyware, let Spybot remove it. Have you done a virus check with an up-to-date antivirus package?

  scottishflower 18:15 25 Sep 2003

I update virus stuff all the time, at least weekly. Iwill run another update and take C-dilla back off again

  timber 18:31 25 Sep 2003

had same problem with system this afternoon but was able to get into system restore after about 3 hours,no viruses showed up.must have been gremlins about.

  scottishflower 23:03 25 Sep 2003

this has been going on for about a week with me. I have updated my virus checker & rescanned. C dilla is back off, not that I know where it came from anyway. It hasnt hung since but I still cant click on a link or open more that one explorer.

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