Hanging-nothing to do with Hartlepool

  Tenacious Green 11:05 25 Sep 2004

Can any one advise on what may or may not be a problem?
Recently when starting up my computer when it gets to the Windows XP home page and the little green bars starting doing their stuff they stick and the computer hangs for about 30 seconds or so. This happens occasionally perhaps every 3-4 boots. Prior to this the only thing I did was to muck around with my sound setting as I had a sound problem and I downloaded a soundmax driver for the motherboard but deleted it without installing when I realised I already had that version driver. Anything to worry about or am I getting paranoid about my new machine.

  JonnyTub 11:32 25 Sep 2004

seems fine to me, mine takes about 3 mins to fully boot but that's because i have various things i like starting up with xp in the startup tab of the system configuration utility (gives me enough time to make a cuppa). try unchecking a few items you know you don't need from the tab. It may speed a few things up as well as making your pc a little quicker to boot.

  cga 12:23 25 Sep 2004

Well that will be because you 'monkeyed' about with your PC :-) Maybe you can get a genuine French one:-)

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