Hanging / freezing problem in XP

  Ali M 16:56 05 Mar 2004

This one still puzzles me.
I've got a friend's pc

Amd xp 2600+, 256Mb Pc2700 on an Asus a7v8x-mx mobo with an maxtor 80gb 7200rpm ata133 Hdd, cd, floppy etc with and onboard Via S3 km400 graphics card.

My friend says the pc keeps crashing on him, i;ve got it connected to my home network and have been running lots of benchmark test pcmark04 scored 2476, burnin ran without problems, aida ran the ram tests without problems. However 3dmark03 hung instantly and 3dmark01 hangs after 20 seconds or so.

i;ve tried updating the graphics drivers which didnt work and am running out of ideas.
according to windows i have the driver for the graphics card.

any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:02 05 Mar 2004

Try the system file checker:



sfc /scannow

  Diodorus Siculus 17:03 05 Mar 2004

Oh, and how does it crash for your friend? While playing games?

May be possible to upgrade the mobo drivers too.

  Ali M 13:17 06 Mar 2004

sfc didn't throw up any problems. I'm going to try the updated graphics driver for Viaarena.com and see if that's any better.

  erkmatrix 14:24 06 Mar 2004

Had loads of problems recently with my machine freezing , tryed downloading new graphic drivers for my card but still crashes, thought it was dust, machine worked fine for two days and now crashed again. Thats the trouble I find with computers they just are so complex that I havn't the foggiest when it comes to diagnosing the problem and then you fix that problem and something else happens. I'm going to try and take off the service pack (that I downloaded from Microsoft which well the freezing problem seemed to occur just after that) manually and see if it still crashes. Tryed to ask ATI about the problem cause I still think its something to do with the graphics card but all you get are lists of other known problems and no one ever answers your email personal, just lists and lists and lists.

anyway good luck with your problem.


  fuzzyone 14:31 06 Mar 2004

Ali M,

There are a lot of better graphics cards than this, which cannot run 3dmark01, far less 3dmark03.

I think the only problem is the onboard graphics.

If you feel that it may run the 01 benchmark, try de-fragging before running the test.

  Ali M 18:13 06 Mar 2004

Looks like you may be right. Just found a slightly updated graphics driver on viarena and it runs 3dmark01 without crashing so it was the driver all along!

cheers for your help everyone!

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