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  Nickoftime 11:40 21 Jun 2003

I bought a sim free Treo 180 from dabs.com & found it was GPRS enabled whereas my old phone's Vodafone SIM card, which I wanted to use, was WAP enabled. I'm not sure about the cost side of GPRS (for the limited use I expect) but I can't see how to set all the parameters which the Vodafone site says I must set in order to enable WAP on the Treo. Q1: is WAP possible on a GPRS enabled device ?; Q2: do I need to install an e-mail client on the Treo - it only seems to come with the Blazer browser; Q3: if I did go to GPRS, would I need an e-mail client - maybe I could use Blazer & view e-mails on the ISPs site (which I can do from my PC). Any advice from Treo 180 users out there welcome - other than this issue it's a great little device.

  jazzypop 13:34 21 Jun 2003

1. GPRS is a method of sending / receiving data. WAP is a standard for displaying Web sites on WAP-enabled devices. Yes, you can use GPRS to view WAP sites.

2. There are many free POP3 mail clients (programs) that can be freely downloaded and used on any device using the Palm operating system (such as the Treo). These will allow you to dierctly access your ISP's POP3 mail server.

3. That is the simplest way - use Blazer to access your ISP's webmail site.

  jazzypop 14:47 21 Jun 2003

Received by email -

"Many thanks for taking to time to repond & explaining WAP & GPRS - very helpful. Could you point me to any sites where I can find free e-mail clients for my Treo ? I'd like to see if having one allows me to access my e-mail trough the vodafone site (as I could with my previous phone): if it does I can then use it for a bit ot see what the costs are then subsequently try switching to GPRS & using Blazer to access Web mail to see how that goes"

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