Handcent SMS can anyone Please explain how u send multiple texts?

  Autoschediastic 08:59 05 Sep 2011

Hiya guys having bought a new Sony Ericsson x10 Mini"" (Not the Pro) yesterday i am new to the Android Platform and its all weird and hard to absorb so ive had to come on here and ask for your help please?

Ive got the Handcent SMS app now installed on the above phone and i am trying to understand how to use it.? i haven't seen any Videos on Youtube??? so can anyone please tell me how i make a GROUP text message please as in just send one text to multiple people simple as that! ive managed to select all the contacts i want too but then what? i cant get it off the contacts screen? i got no instructions with this phone and the instructions on the Sony/Handcent site are DIRE!

Thanks to anyone that can help me here!!

  Autoschediastic 13:29 05 Sep 2011

"Bump" anyone?

  Woolwell 13:55 05 Sep 2011

Haven't used Handcent. On my Android phone I use the supplied messaging app, start new, click on contacts an put a tick by each one.

Another way may be to put a comma after each name.

From a forum on the net "In Handcent app you open the compose screen and just hit the plus sign on the top right and go to your contacts and make checks next to each person you want to add". No idea if that works.

  Autoschediastic 14:30 05 Sep 2011

Woolwell hiya thanks, ive got to the stage where u put a tick in each one of the contacts but then there is no option to go any further? ive kept my finger on the screen that dont work ive scrolled up/down the page and still nothing? what i am missing is simply something simple (Like myself) but its what it is.?

Thanks once again..

  Woolwell 14:43 05 Sep 2011

Start composing text?

  Autoschediastic 14:45 05 Sep 2011

Mmmm thats a damn good suggestion il let you know, only thing was there wasnt anywhere to start doing it? cheers again!

  Autoschediastic 15:55 05 Sep 2011

Ah woolwell here is a pic of what i mean this may help?

Photo Here

  Woolwell 16:01 05 Sep 2011

You'll have to find someone who uses Handcent.

  Autoschediastic 16:13 05 Sep 2011

Thanks Woolwell yeah ive just decided that what i will do, cheers so much!

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