Halo Vorbisfile error

  melancol 00:59 17 Jun 2004

I have installed and reinstalled halo, updated all my drivers, installed the latest patches for this game and still have the same problem. whether I try to start this game from its desktop icon or start>programs>halo, I get an Initial screen then it disappears and nothing happens. If I go to explore direct from the disc and try to start the game from there, I get the error message "cannot find vorbisfile.dll" on looking at "halo" in windows explorer the file is there. Can anyone help???
os xp, ati radeon 9000, 512mb, 2.66ghz pentium 4.

  hugh-265156 01:09 17 Jun 2004

see last posting click here maybe

dont expect it to run to well on the raddy 9000 though. it runs like a big dog on the fastest cards. buy an xbox.

  SANTOS7 01:14 17 Jun 2004

VORBIS is a type of sound file compression, so I'm guessing it's related to sound. Maybe it doesn't like your soundcard? update drivers? or maybe VORBISFILE.DLL has become corrupted, or is somehow damaged on the original install CD.

  melancol 18:30 18 Jun 2004

have got no further, Have also again tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail.
any further suggestions would be much apreciated,
thanks for the quick response huggy & santos.

  melancol 23:10 18 Jun 2004

Hi, Have again reinstalled this game, loaded all ok, played three or four checkpoints. Brilliant.
Went through usual quit game process. still ok, But the damn thing won't start again. same old scenario can't find vorbisfile.dll yet it is there. any ideas? now I have sampled the game I want to continue, how can the thing be ok one minute and crp the next.

  SANTOS7 23:37 18 Jun 2004

click here have found this hope it helps

  SANTOS7 23:48 18 Jun 2004

click here this may help as well there is a link near bottom of page to the fix i think you need

  melancol 00:52 19 Jun 2004

Sorry to take so long to reply but I have been Playing this excellent game, no gliches, no juddering and perfect graphics. The Cause well, I turned zone alarm off. Is this Normal when playing games? should I turn it off? It does not affect any game I have played such as splinter cell, matrix, hitman and such like.
Thanks for your help.

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