Halo Graphics issues

  crysta1s1ayer99 19:48 06 Jun 2007

Hi all,
I have just installed Halo-Combat evolved on my relatively new PC, as soon as the game gets to the first menu, the screen flashes rapidly between fullscreen and a smaller screen occupying the top left of my monitor area. this continues itno the game and, as you can guess is quite irritating when trying to aim my plasma rifle.
I am running windows service pack 2 and i'm unsure of the specs of my graphics but all the dxdiag tests come back ok.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

  wolfie3000 22:22 06 Jun 2007

First thing is to fiond out your gfx card and if the drivers are upto date,

Also it might help to lower the settings in game.

  crysta1s1ayer99 09:27 07 Jun 2007

Is there a simple way of finding out my graphics card details without opening up my computer?
I know that it is motherboard based but I have no idea how much memory it has or anything

Thanks again...

  keef66 15:20 08 Jun 2007

if by motherboard based you mean it's onboard graphics I'm not surprised it won't run Halo. You'll need a reasonable separate graphics card.

Can you tell us the spec / make of the pc, and preferably what motherboard it has?

Start / programs / accessories / system tools / system info might tell you something about it.

  gudgulf 16:28 08 Jun 2007

Make sure you have the latest patches for the game.....loads on click here

And try this fix for SP2 click here

  crysta1s1ayer99 18:44 08 Jun 2007

Ok, Here goes. my display adapter is a Via/S3G unichrome pro IG3 with 64 MGB Ram, 1280 x 1024 x 60 resolution, and 32 bits/pixel.
My motherboard info doesn't seem available.
I'll try the patches and updating my drivers, then I'll post back. Once again... Many thanks for all your time and help

  gudgulf 19:00 08 Jun 2007

If you have a VIA/S3G onboard graphics adapter then that changes things.......Have a look at click here and scroll down to the list of UNSUPPORTED graphics adapters you will find the VIA/S3G listed there.

Even if you can get the game to run your graphics chip will really struggle.

  wolfie3000 19:10 08 Jun 2007

Looks like a new GFX card is in order,

But well worth getting as Halo CE is the best game on the planet.

  crysta1s1ayer99 19:30 08 Jun 2007


Ah well, I'm more than willing to upgrade if I can get Halo working. Halo is indeed the best game around.

Of course, I could just risk epilepsy by playing with a flashing screen.........

.....nah, I'm not that tight, or that stupid.

What can I say, everyone who has replied to this post, you are all awesome and thank you for all your help.
I'll be back if I ever get any future problems.

P.S. Anyone ever play a fantasy RPG called Neverend?
It doesn't run at all on my PC. I'll have a look at the incompatible graphics cards on there now I know what I'm looking 4.

Ta folks

  crysta1s1ayer99 19:54 08 Jun 2007

ok, here's a random question.. if I buy a new graphicas card for a PCI slot, will it automatically override the onboard graphics??

  [email protected] 21:01 08 Jun 2007

it should disable the on board automatically and you just update the drivers, so you will see a ram increase after you upgrade

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