Halifax website address needed

  watchful 10:54 02 Jun 2003

Not PC related but has anyone got an e-mail address for the Halifax Building Society?

I'm going spare hanging on the 'phone listening to awful music and each of the 6 options takes me back to -'I'm sorry all our advisors are busy...You're call is important to us...' Really!!!

There is no-one there, is there?

Is this progress???

Every large company is the same.

  watchful 11:11 02 Jun 2003

Thanks a million guys, even Google let me down with this.

You've just saved me from going mad!

  watchful 21:27 02 Jun 2003

Thank you for the info.

I did send an e-mail but it may not be answered for 48 hrs!

The only advantage being that it was cheaper than hanging on the 'phone for 48hrs!!!

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