Half in Word

  Legslip 08:52 05 Sep 2009

Having difficulty in Word 2003 with writing ten and a half numerically. It comes out like this 101/2. How can I make it look normal?

  howard64 09:08 05 Sep 2009

press alt i then s to be taken to the symbols page and either on the page shown or different fonts look for the half symnbol

  Technotiger 09:13 05 Sep 2009

In Word, look under Insert and then Symbol.

  Legslip 09:20 05 Sep 2009

I know I had a hard night but can't see a half symbol there. Explain?

  Technotiger 09:28 05 Sep 2009

After clicking on Insert and then on the word Symbol, this window should appear ... (I am using Office 2000Pro - so may be different)

click here" target

  Technotiger 09:29 05 Sep 2009

BTW - click Picture to enlarge.

  Technotiger 09:33 05 Sep 2009

I have just re-checked my Word - it is Word 2002, so should be the same or very similar to 2003.

  mimosa418 09:41 05 Sep 2009

Why get so complicated. Simply type one, forward slash, two, space bar (1/2) and let word do the rest.
It works for my 2007 version and also when I had 2003.
'Auto Format as You Type' requires to be enabled.

  southhead 09:42 05 Sep 2009

Or- Try holding down the Alt key while you type in 0189 on the numeric pad, then let go of Alt and you should see ½.
It doesn’t work if I use the keys on main part of my keyboard so I’m not sure whether this will work on laptop.

  mimosa418 09:46 05 Sep 2009

Sorry, If I had read the initial entry I would have seen that the problem was 101/2.
Pt a space after the ten when you type and then the 1/2, then delete the space for better formatting. Still easier than loking up the symbols.

  ened 09:53 05 Sep 2009

Failing all that look in Start-All Programmes-Accessories-System Tools-Character Map

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