half time question

  SLAYER 14:25 01 Jul 2006

do sli cards need to be connected to each other,or is enough to be plugged into the mobo.

sad day Fred Trueman died.

Enjoy the footy folks.

  andrew-196854 14:32 01 Jul 2006

yes they do have to be connected to each other , also it has to be a sli motherboard ,what are you specs ?

  rezeeg 14:38 01 Jul 2006

Does this help? click here

Fred Trueman - a legend.

  SLAYER 14:39 01 Jul 2006

ah, I seem to have a bit missing.


  SLAYER 14:40 01 Jul 2006

yes thanks for that.

  andrew-196854 14:41 01 Jul 2006

did you build your pc yourself then , as i may be wrong in thinking that the sli bridge connecters are only sold with sli motherboards

  SLAYER 14:44 01 Jul 2006

am in the process of building.awaiting most of the bits and pieces.

  SLAYER 14:44 01 Jul 2006

cards came first.

  andrew-196854 14:46 01 Jul 2006

hmmm 6600 would not have been my choice, i suppose it depends on what you are going to play

  SLAYER 14:48 01 Jul 2006

ran out of cash

  andrew-196854 14:50 01 Jul 2006

i see don t mean to be rude but how much did your 6600 cost

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