half price Sky+ HD and fitting

  awest3 19:37 31 Aug 2008

Too late for me but it may help others...

Found this whilst looking for something else...paid full price for mine last week..


I got SKY+ HD for £105 in total on the conditions I upgrade to either sport or movies. I planned on going for the sport but went for the movies too!

Phone 01506 421825 , then take options 1,4,5,3,4!

They are the ONLY department able to offer the deal... they guy told me that the deal is designed for people looking to cancel movies / sport.

Call the number and follow them options... tell them HD for £75 / 30 !

You should be able to use this deal if you want to upgrade to Sport/Movies or already have them!

  awest3 19:38 31 Aug 2008

apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place


  awest3 20:10 01 Sep 2008

Called Sky and although they did not admit that this offer existed they gave me half price Sky sports and Sky movies for 3 months and 24 hour free calls for 6 months...worth about the difference in what I paid for the HD box and the offer I found...all in all quite satisfied.


  awest3 20:25 01 Sep 2008

just found that currys are doing the half price offer...see their website

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