Half my memory is missing.

  rasalom 22:27 28 Jul 2003

I have just upgraded to a ESC L7VTA motherboard running a new 2400XP athlon, a new ESC Xabre AG200 graphics card and a single new memory module 512m ddr333 (and that is stated on the memory module itself).

My problem is this. When the computer runs it's POST test it only registers 256m, as does windows when i check it in the system folder.

I am using windows ME.

What I would like to know is, do you think that I have somehow mis-set something in the Bios so that the computer and windows thinks that it only has 256m installed or do you think that it has been labeled incorrectly and that I should take it back?

In advance, thanks for your help.

  Bodi 22:44 28 Jul 2003

and have a duff memory chip, or one of them isn't seated properly. Make sure they are firmly down, and that the little white holding clips are in the relevent notches on your memory module.

When you upgrade the memory, the BIOS should find it automatically.

Check it's seated properly before you do anything else.


  keith-236785 22:57 28 Jul 2003

according to your manual,

Memory ?Supports DDR up to 200/266/333/400 (enhanced) MHz
DDR SDRAM memory module
?Accommodates three unbuffered 2.5V 184-pin slots
?Each slot supports up to 1 GB with a total maximum capacity of 3 GB

cant see a problem there so maybe your memory chip is faulty.

could you try it in someone elses computer?

or return it to where you got it from.

  rasalom 23:17 28 Jul 2003

Bodi. Took it out completely, replaced it and made sure it was seated properly but still the same.

paperman27. Might be able to try it in a friends, will ask him. failing that I'll take it back to where I got it from.

Thanks Bodi and Paperman27 for your suggestions.

  ade.h 23:43 28 Jul 2003

It could be a faulty mother board - that happened to me a while back when upgrading CPU, mobo and memory at the same time. What looked like a duff module was actually a dodgy mobo.
Last resort - send it all back for checking.

  User-312386 00:06 29 Jul 2003

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  spuds 00:22 29 Jul 2003

I have just upgraded my computer, from WME to XP Pro and installed new AMD 2400 cpu. One of my 512mb memory chips is now showing only half that rating. Methinks it is a motherboard problem. Keep us posted, if you locate the problem.

  Bodi 09:00 29 Jul 2003

Reading through paperman27's advice, this may well hold a clue to your problem.

Do you know whether your original chip was running at "200/266/333/400"Mhz? If you try the new chip on its own - does it work? - Try both memory slots with one chip on its own. Would eliminate or confirm an expansion slot problem.

Theoretically, the fastest chip should run at the speed of the slowest, but it doesn't always work that way. Your new chip might be fine, but doesn't like the original chip and they won't work together.

Just a thought,


  rasalom 23:43 29 Jul 2003


This is a brand new motherboard with new memory. My old memory was sd ram and so wouidn't fit the new board. I only have the one stick of memory installed, which is supposed to be 512m but is only showing 256m.

Took it to a friends computer and installed it and it only showed 256m on that system too (removed all his memory first and just installed mine, so it would appear to be either mislabelled or faulty memory. Anyway I am going to take it back to where I got it from.

  Bodi 08:37 30 Jul 2003

You've been unlucky then - don't do the lottery this week.

Glad is was the memory and not the motherboard - the lesser of two evils.

Better luck with your next memory module.


  Bodi 08:42 30 Jul 2003

rasalom - I owe you an apology - if I had read your post properly in the first place, I wouldn't have assumed it was TWO memory modules. - sorry.


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