Half life graphics rendering problem

  herc182 18:26 29 Dec 2004

Hi all,

I have looked through all the half life posts (albeit quickly) and there is not one that matches my query.

I have installed the game and all runs fine except that when i am playing, i can see through walls and floors (ie, i can see newspapers in the following room, through the wall of the one i am in) and i can also see trees on the street from inside a building.

this is really irritating because it is very confusing when running around.

any suggestions?

i have windows xp home with sp2
amd xp 2000+
1.5gb or RAM
Radeon 8500AGP LE graphics card with 64mb RAM.



  Dorsai 18:41 29 Dec 2004

No specific experiance with half life, but i would start in the programs own 'graphics' set up menu.

Turn one option/effect at a time off, play the game, and see if it helps, if not, turn the option back on, and try the next. At a guess one, and only one, of the options is causing the problem.

Sorry but this is all i can think of.

  herc182 18:48 29 Dec 2004

thank you Dorsai.

I was thinking of installing another driver for my graphics card. will try your suggestion first.

if i do install a driver should i uninstall the previous one? i was reading on the ATI website and it never mentioned uninstalling the old driver (click here)

  ACOLYTE 18:56 29 Dec 2004

This sort of thing was a common problem with some older card drivers,and most now hove sorted it,but many people used this to cheat in multiplayer matches,not saying you would,just that it has been done.So updateing the g card drivers may well solve the problem,i dont think you need to uninstall the old driver if you are upgrading to a new one it should go smoothly,but there have been times when it hasnt so it would be down to choice.

  herc182 18:58 29 Dec 2004

i just tried that dorsai but it didnt help. it seems to be something that the graphics card is missing?

any other ideas?

  gudgulf 19:00 29 Dec 2004

Best to use the latest (version 4.12) drivers from ATI for HalfLife2 or as an alternative my own favourite, OmegaDrive drivers from click here

These require you to uninstall the ATI control panel but you can install the drivers over the top of the originals without uninstalling first.

  Dorsai 19:22 29 Dec 2004

Updating the drivers. I should have thought of that myself. D'Oh!

  herc182 19:25 29 Dec 2004

i just downloaded and installed the latest driver from ATI and that seems to have worked. thanks for all your help

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