Half-life 2 graphics going slightly nutty!!!

  matt1234 20:25 16 Apr 2005


My pc does this when trying to play half-life 2 or far cry but its not as bad on that game. click here
It even does it in low:(

how do i fix it?

***pc spec is as follows***
geforce 6800GT
1gb ram
xp pro
200gb hard drive

  Totally-braindead 20:38 16 Apr 2005

Looks to me like a driver problem, try updating to either the latest drivers from the Nvidia website ot the Omega drivers click here personally I completed this game with no problems on my GeForce FX5900 using omegadrivers

  matt1234 21:24 16 Apr 2005

i have tried omega drivers and the setup just ended up making things worse

  matt1234 22:20 16 Apr 2005

does anyone know what settings my motherboard should be to use the 6800GT!!!

  Totally-braindead 22:21 16 Apr 2005

What motherboard do you have?

  Totally-braindead 22:31 16 Apr 2005

You could try downloading driver cleaner from here click here after you use add remove programs to delete the driver and then reboot and then reinstall the graphics card drivers, I'm not 100% sure whats wrong but think that some part of the old drivers may have been left behind and may be causing the problem. If you can do a clean install of the latest drivers it may solve your problems.

  matt1234 22:37 16 Apr 2005

Well i have just formatted its hardrive it stil did it then and still does it now!

as i read in my manual to "set the pci express to 64mb or higher from the motherboard bois" if this was set wroung would this cause it.

  Totally-braindead 22:46 16 Apr 2005

I think if it is a motherboard problem you'll have to tell us what motherboard it actually is that you have in order for anyone to help. One question though is this a new graphics card? If it is and you have a similar problem playing other 3d intensive games it may be either a power supply problem as I presume the card has a seperate power connector as well as the power it gets from the slot or the card may be faulty. I bought a 9800Pro a few months ago and it would run games ok until I tried something like Farcry and then it crashed, I got another card and its fine now. Is it a new card?

  matt1234 23:00 16 Apr 2005

no the pc is 1 month old the card was replaced once via evesham as it broke, the motherboard is a K8N Neo4 (nvidia nforce 4 based chipset)

  matt1234 23:01 16 Apr 2005

but it plays any game using the unreal engine brilliantly so im abit confused why i cant play half-life 2 when thats a better engine!!! (aparently)

  matt1234 09:17 17 Apr 2005


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