Half Life 2 Freezing on options screen.

  jorel 22:35 28 Dec 2004

Hi. I hav a slightly different problem to the previous Half Life 2 'stuttering' post. When I first loaded it the game played fine for about 3 hours and then crashed - a total systen freeze that needed a hard reboot. Since then it freezes on the 'load options' screen every time I try to load it, and I have to do a hard reboot as even Ctrl-Alt-Delete doesn't work. System spec should be more than adequate: Pentium 4 (3.2Ghz), 1 gig ram, 128 meg ATI M9600 graphics, 80 gig hard drive (50 gig free space).
I have played games like Doom 3, Farcry, and Halo without even a stutter. Any suggestions would be very gratefully received.

  BeForU 00:57 29 Dec 2004

I think personally, nothing can be done until Valve releases another Steam update for the game to fix these sorts of problems. Even I sometimes get this problem myself, sometimes it just crashes when I start up and it stays frozen on the loading screen. And its so annoying to do the hard reboot since ctrl-alt-del doesnt work.

If you want, maybe you could try reinstalling certain drivers like graphics, sound or even waste the 45mins+ time to reinstall the stupid game. I seomtimes still get the stutter gameplay myself and even with the recent update and some may command line prefixes, nothing still helps. So its just a matter to see if Valve can really sort it out.

  jorel 18:22 29 Dec 2004

Thanks for that BeForU. The laptop is only 6 months old but downloaded updated graphics drivers anyway. Installer said couldn't find better match than the drivers I already have. Guess it looks like just waiting around for Steam to get their act together. Talk about living in the Steam age lol.

  jorel 23:26 30 Dec 2004

I reinstalled the game as suggested but it still kept crashing. Then I checked out a possible fix.
The patch is a game file verification patch from Steam for the HL2 game file cache.
You have to start your Steam account first for updates and then go to the site at click here
Scroll down to the "Fix for HL2 Crashing.." menu and you'll see a link :"Validate Half-Life 2 Cache files by clicking this link" which you...ermmm..click on, yup, really. Steam has to be running when you click the link so it can connect to Steam to validate your HL2 game cache files, which took about 15 mins on a 56k modem.
I've done the validation download but haven't tried the game yet as I'm too shattered after four hours of uninstall, reinstall, log on, update, start the game, crash again etc, etc. Will try it tomorrow.
Hope it helps someone (me included lol).

  jorel 23:37 02 Jan 2005

Tried the patch but still crashing, oh well, at least I hope it helps someone.

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