Half-Life 2

  keith-236134 19:23 29 Jan 2005

Hi. Playing Half Life 2...what a great game...i get to the dark energy and when time stops and that bloke stops speaking my computer crashes.
any ideas???

  citadel 19:44 29 Jan 2005

what are your system specs, I have finished half life 2 and it played ok all the way through.

  keith-236134 19:56 29 Jan 2005

my comp is a Medion with 512 ram, geforce4-8*Ti4200 graphics,AMD 2600.

  citadel 20:07 29 Jan 2005

In the game options panel try lowering game effects, shadows etc. This will put less pressure on your processor and graphics card.

  gudgulf 20:37 29 Jan 2005

Do you get any error messages or have you had any problems with any other part of the game or other applications? Perhaps reinstalling the game might be worth a try.

And when you say your pc crashes,what exactly happens?

  keith-236134 11:52 30 Jan 2005

Ive had no trouble with the game at all untill this, the comp just restarts.......fxxking annoying.

  HXP 12:52 30 Jan 2005

2 things - at the point you mention the machine is playing a 'cut sceeen' if it has played all the others during the game then I would check the disk to make sure all clean as it must be accessing a particular part of the DVD. I wouldn't start suspecting PC fault if it plays all the others ok ?


It is a pretty unitersting ending so you are not missing much :-( .... which I know doesn't help but is true. You are not missing anything and it has no effect on the game at all.

Try contacted support at their website ?


  matt1234 13:02 30 Jan 2005

i think its your graphics card half-life 2 plays on the hard drive so a dics scratch shouldnt effect it, i run 2 geforce 6600 gt in mine and it is fine but my mate has the same card as you and it does this but at the end on the last mission!!!

***try updating your drivers****

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