Half a helproom

  spikeychris 17:25 21 Sep 2003

Me or everyone else?

Explanation > screen spilt in two halves....

  MAJ 17:28 21 Sep 2003

Just you Chris. :-)

  spikeychris 17:32 21 Sep 2003

You winding me up? Been out all day and just logged in..had a search for "why is the helproom so small" threads but there was none!

  VoG II 17:33 21 Sep 2003

The right hand side (with the links to threads in Consumerwatch etc) seems to be taking over!

Not just you Chris.

  Djohn 17:35 21 Sep 2003

Yep! it happens all the time that the.

000005===EXCEPTION is showing on the right in blue. As it moves off screen, things return to normal for awhile, until it comes back again. j.

  MAJ 17:36 21 Sep 2003

Ahhh I'm on 800 x 600, I never noticed the scroll bar at the bottom. I thought Chris had two monitors set up.

  spikeychris 17:42 21 Sep 2003

Cheers folks.


  Valvegrid 17:42 21 Sep 2003

It's OK with me, what browser are you guys on?

  christmascracker 18:22 21 Sep 2003

makes me feel better, thought it was just me!

  Valvegrid 19:02 21 Sep 2003

I'm getting paranoid!!! why is mine working OK?

  holly polly 19:06 21 Sep 2003

i'm just reading the bit in the middle-regards-hol pol...

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