Half Height Graphics Cards

  crease 14:55 03 May 2006


Would anyone be able to recommend a good half height AGP graphics card. I would like it to be able to play games such as Call of Duty etc.


  Totally-braindead 15:11 03 May 2006

If you do a google search for " low profile graphics card" that will get you some. I have to say though that they are few and far between and as far as I know you won't get a good one. The best I've seen is something like a 5200 Geforce but maybe someone else has seen something better.

  Gongoozler 15:15 03 May 2006

I don't know how good they are, but I found these at Ebuyer click here and click here

  Totally-braindead 15:38 03 May 2006

I also have no idea how good they are but they are very expensive.

  crease 16:54 03 May 2006

I have looked at them and i think that there a little expensive. I think ill either get a new case or look into modifying a 6200. It doesnt look good thu.

  Totally-braindead 17:42 03 May 2006

If you are happy enough with the computer you have and just want a newer graphics card and the case is stopping you doing it then I agree a new case would be the most reasonable option. It really depends on what specification your PC is as to whether it is reasonable to spend say £80-100 upgrading it. New case perhaps £30 new graphics card perhaps £50.

I presume its a branded PC you have. Presumming it is one word of warning, be sure the power supply connectors are standard ones. Some PC manufacturers used to, and I don't think this is true anymore, alter the connections to the motherboard so a standard power supply wouldn't connect properly. The simple answer to this of course is either buy a case without a power supply or put your old power supply in place of the one in the new case. Novatech have some really nice cases click here

  Stuartli 19:41 03 May 2006

PSUs should follow the ATX etc specifications set by Intel and which were regularly upgraded.

click here

click here

  Totally-braindead 19:55 03 May 2006

They should Stuartli but they do not always, crease has never said what his computer is or how old it is. I was just playing safe. I had this arguement with someone last year he insisted I was talking a pack of rubbish, when I posted a link to what I was saying he mysteriously never replied. Have a look click here as far as I know this is not common, indeed Dell perhaps are using standard ones now but I felt I should warn crease to double check it before he connected it up.

  phono 22:35 03 May 2006

I can confirm that Dell used to use a "proprietary" PSU connector see, Totally-braindead's link, the mobo connector was also modified.

I had to buy one of these and modify a friend's PC case with a multitool in order to use a standard ATX PSU, a replacement Dell PSU, where available, was horrendous money and second user units with no warranty were making £65 plus at the time.

The case had to be modified as there was no cutout for a standard ATX PSU power switch and the fan outlet was partially covered, he didn't want to shell out for a new case.

  Mr Beeline 22:40 03 May 2006


Yep... Had the same scenario myself upgrading a friends Dell PC.

  Starfox 22:45 03 May 2006

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