half cpu size shown

  david-336850 15:42 14 Jun 2005

i have just rebuilt my system with a 2.8 athlon xp proccesor why does it show it as a 1250 on the system info and does this make a differance to the running of my computer.how can i get this to show the correct size proccesor.
thanks Dave

  woodchip 15:49 14 Jun 2005

Go into BIOS and see if the FSB Frequency is set to 133/133 it should be that at least, it depends on the type of CPU that's in the computer

  reaths 15:52 14 Jun 2005

you have to turn the switch clock on the mother board off or opposite what it is then restart pc
you should get the new rating coming up now turn the computer off and change the switch clock back
had the same problem with the xp2800

  Joe R 16:05 14 Jun 2005


the Athlon 2800, is a barton core cpu, and should run at 2.08Ghz. The fsb, should be set at 166, and the multiplier at 12.5

  david-336850 16:29 15 Jun 2005

thank u every one for your help

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