hal.dll boot.ini and partitions, settings?

  grumpy-git 23:55 22 Oct 2013

After days of problems after cloning a c drive, it seems to start when I create a new partition in unallocated space. The problem is missing hal.dll.

Searching on this problem points to a problem with boot.ini and the setting for "partition".

My new c drive has a recovery partition, then partition for c, then partition for z, and finally a new partition for g. The hal.dll problem arose after restarting following creating parition g.

Should settings in boot.ini be altered?

Following the latest crash, I did an image recovery & got things working again, but with partition g already in existence. Maybe there will be no problems restarting after future shutdowns?

I'm only guessing on all this, so those of you who know more than me can always explain more.


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