herman1rg 13:25 22 Apr 2004

Heres a question thats a little left field. Is it possible to get a program on my pc so that when I turn it on it says "Good morning (name)" like HAL in the Stanley Kubrick film "2001 A Space Oddysey"?

  Peter 13:29 22 Apr 2004


If you record the phrase you want and use it to replace the Windows opening chimes you can have it say whatever you want (within reason).


  Lozzy 13:29 22 Apr 2004

You sad person!!! I doubt there is any software out there at the moment that will say that unless you make your own recording and have set to come on with your first action. See windows Media sounds for that..

  Djohn 13:37 22 Apr 2004

Go for it herman1rg if thats what you want. used to be with AOL and still miss the welcome greeting from Connie every time I logged on. also the "You have Mail" with every mail I received.

Ive just opened a hotmail account as a secondary address and to my surprise that does the same. but includes my name as well. Mind you I'm always talking to my PC anyway! ;o)

  Kate B 13:51 22 Apr 2004

have a search for wav files here: click here and click here for starters - you might well find it there. Or do a Google on 2001 + wav - I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for, as well as loads you're not.

Once you've got the file, put it in the Media folder (C:\windows\media) then open sounds and properties in the control panel, find "startup" and browse for the wav file.

  GroupFC 14:33 22 Apr 2004

If you are truly a "2001" fan, click here (courtesy of the F.E.). There are plenty there to choose from!

  herman1rg 14:44 22 Apr 2004

Djohn if you have your speakers on AOL still hase Connie or an alternative saying "welcome to aol" and "you have e-mail" also when logging off there is a voice very much Joanna Lumley that says "goodbye"


  Tog 16:35 22 Apr 2004

If you are using Windows then "I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that" would probably be more appropriate than "good morning..."

  wallbash 16:42 22 Apr 2004

Im another sad case, I use pop peeper with outlook express, to get the halleluj chrous when I get Mail. Am I the saddest??

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