hahnel battery charger

  swingtime 15:21 02 Jan 2004

Hi I have Hahnel twin powerstation battery charger

input: 230v~50hz

Output: aa2x (2.8 v= 80/200ma

aaa 2x92.8v = 80/32ma

Is this charger capable of charging the newer higher rated rechargeable batteries i.e. 2300ah.

Thanks in advance Desmond

  Salinger 15:49 02 Jan 2004

Since you haven't had a reply yet - I'm not an expert in this, but until you get a definitive reply I'd suspect that they, the heavy duty batteries, will simply take longer to charge on your Hahnel.

  woodchip 15:52 02 Jan 2004

Ni-cad and Ni-ma batteries need the right charger or they can explode the batteries

  Salinger 15:59 02 Jan 2004

I presume you ARE talking about a NiMh charger?

  siouxah1 16:37 02 Jan 2004

Have a look here

click here trickle charging harmful?

Yes you can but read this first. It may not be worth the effort. To use an old charger requires a time to charge calculation and lots of time. Plus the need to monitor the charger during the complete cycle. Plus it must of course be of the correct voltage output.

Rather than buy a charger with each set of batteries it is better to pay a greater sum of cash and buy an intelligent battery charger that charges each individual battery, two or four at at a time. I'm talking AA size.

Regards Brian j

  siouxah1 16:40 02 Jan 2004

Sorry about that, try here and go to FAQ's battery charging.

click here

  siouxah1 17:05 02 Jan 2004

You may also like to have a look here at a previous thread re battery charging. Here you will find the method of calculating charge time.

click here

  Stuartli 17:17 02 Jan 2004

If you have an older Ni-Cad battery charger you cannot recharge Ni-MH batteries with it.

A modern Ni-MH can recharge both types safely.

The ones to go for, as mentioned, are the "intelligent" fast charger type which will fully charge the batteries and then go into trickle mode.

I bought one of these from click here for £11.75 including VAT; it included both a mains and car adapter, the latter being handy if you are out as the charging times are very similar. I have a 12V output in the boot as well as the cigar lighter, so can leave batteries charging up.

Strictly speaking the model I've described is not the fastest charger available, taking about two hours for four 1800Mh Ni-MHs, but a one hour charger will cost far more (and even some of the slower ones as well!).

The greater the capacity of the battery i.e. 2000 or 2200Mh, the longer the set of two or four batteries will take to charge. Their capacity merely dictates the actual charging time - a reverse of how long they last more than, say, a 1300Mh Ni-MH battery when in use.

You might like to have a look too at click here which has some excellent offers on both Ni-MH battery packs and battery chargers.

  Stuartli 17:25 02 Jan 2004


Most AA rechargers will also do the AAA size and, sometimes, there's a PP3 outlet as well.

But, if you want the fastest charger in the world...:-)

The Rayovac I-C3 15-Minute Rechargeable Battery System is the fastest NiMH battery and charger system on the planet - period! It comes in two models, the PS5 is a 2-cell charger and the PS6 which handles up to four AA or AAA cells. Rayovac's patent-pending I-C3 technology (In-Cell Charge Control) puts the control of recharging into the battery, instead of the charger. This breakthrough in Nickel Metal Hydride, NiMH, technology offers significant performance and convenience advantages over existing rechargeable and disposable battery systems. Regular NiMH and NiCd type cells can also be charged but their use turns the charger into a slow, overnight trickle charger. Only Rayovac I-C3 cells can be charged in 15 minutes or less. The chargers have a built in fan to keep the temperature manageable.

The PS6 charger and four 2000mAh I-C3 batteries runs about $49.95.

  swingtime 23:23 02 Jan 2004

Sorry for not replying sooner thanks very much lots, of information to keep me busy for a while it is a two year old Ni-MH charger I was thinking mostly of the safety aspect once again thank very much you everyone off now to try the links


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