Had a virus, how do I know my laptop is now ok?

  Lancs25 11:42 25 Sep 2009

I had a trojan virus on my laptop. I had Mcafee free trial security on but due to the fact there kept being server errors when I tried to register I ended up not being protected and got the virus. I gave my laptop to a friend who ran a scan on it and he put AVG on. He said it was all fine. Now I checked with my bank who recommended another scan by another security product F-secure. It found infected files and has cleaned them. I have been advised to run another F-Secure scan, then I should be ok. I have now registered with Mcafee but they keep sending me emails telling me to extend my protection. Help! I am confused. Can someone tell me what protection I need and how can I be sure my laptop is now ok? Is it worth me getting rid of AVG and Mcafee and just using F-Secure?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:57 25 Sep 2009

If you tried to scan with two Antivirus on MacAfee and F-secure then probably what happened was F secure found MacAfees virus list and declared them as "false positives" and thought you had problems.

You should only run with :

1 software firewall
1 Antivirus
1 Malware scanner in real-time
1 backup scanner
and a blocker (Spyware Blaster)

If your bank is giving away free Antivirus software (a lot do) then use that (they then cannot argue if you have a problem).

Only use Antimalware recommended by someone who has used it there are some rogue programs masquerading as real out there.

This thread tells you all you need to make your PC / laptop safe click here

  Lancs25 13:12 28 Sep 2009

Hi, thanks very much for your advice.
I have read the links you provided and I now have AVG (took Macafee off), Windows Vista firewall and spybot. Is this enough or do I also need the Winpatrol and CCcleaner?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:58 28 Sep 2009

Winpatrol will help keep your start up files and Ccleaner is a must for clearing the rubbish from your machine

Both well worth having.

Personally I would replace spybot with Malwarebytes Mbam or SuperAntispware.

  zklampkin 09:02 29 Sep 2009

I recommend Kaspersky most, because I've used it for years.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:28 29 Sep 2009

Forget Regcure CCleaner will clean the registry for you as well as get rid of all the useless files on your machine and is perfectly safe to sue.

  lotvic 11:34 29 Sep 2009

Regcure is a SCAM don't use it.

Looks like 'jacobaug09' is the latest spam poster.
(gets commission when you click on link provided)

  Halmer 11:47 29 Sep 2009

they usually aren't and when someone can't even type 'threat' this is usually confirmation that it is a scam of some sort.

  p;3 11:54 29 Sep 2009

You can actually have both Malwarebytes and Superantispyware; you need to run Malwarebytes scan in Normal mode and Superantispyware scan in Safe mode ;maybe try them and let us know how you get on? See if they do find anything?

Avast free antivirus is a good option for AV cover

Another question that has not yet been asked; do you run any P2P programs?

May we also know what the trojan infection was and if you have yet reset System Restore ( assuming you have it enabled)

  Lancs25 20:24 29 Sep 2009

I don't know what you mean by resetting system restore or running p2p programs? Can you explain? I now have superantispyware as opposed to spybot, and winpatrol. Just about the get Ccleaner too, and noticed that in the original thread it said spywareblaster. Shall I download that?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:54 29 Sep 2009

SpywareBalster acts as a blocker so you run it make sure its upto date enable all protection and then shut it down basically it blocks access to from dodgy sites.

run it once a week and check for updates and that's it not using any resources.

Winpatrol is good but maintaining your startup programs it stops other programs from running at startup without your permission if there are too many programs running at startup this can slow a machinebadly.

1 software firewall = VISTA firewall
1 Antivirus = Aast
1 Malware scanner in real-time - defender is built into vista
1 backup scanner - Malwarebytes or superantipyware
and a blocker =Spyware Blaster

With winpatrol and ccleaner all you then may require is a spam controller for your email and your well covered.

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