Had trouble with Orange - Now can't download java

  Nuneatonian 17:10 11 Oct 2007

Hi there
I have two issues, please bear with me.
A long story, I used to be with Orange whose customer service was disgusting. I had dial up Internet and had problems and the same error kept coming up and couldn’t connect. I checked everything nothing worked. I contacted their customer services with the problem, including checking their automated server status to see if it was down. It was a week out of date. I then telephoned their help line for guidance and it was suggested that my connection settings could be corrupt. I was guided through various windows to put this right, was told it should be. Did this, it didn’t work. I put in my orange disc, and even went on the website (used a temporary connection no. to get on to the Internet.) to download the software, that didn’t work. So I assumed it was my computer. Started it from scratch put everything back in. Including the dialup disc etc. Still didn’t work. Telephoned Orange again, explained what I had done so far, and then the person told me the server had been down. Even on the days before. I was then told it was being repaired and should try to get on the web next day. I tried it, no good. Telephoned them again and complained about all the trouble, inconvenience, lack of information and expense of phone calls, and then told it was THEIR fault. The person then said because of the problems I had with my dialup and it couldn’t be fixed they would disconnect my dialup account. The are supposedly going to refund me 2 months payments for the inconvenience at the end of the month and told me I would have to get another ISP. I was also going to get a letter in December to tell me that my email address would cease that month. Ah but if I decided to sign up for broadband I could keep it.
In other words they will dump me if I don’t sign up for broadband. What a scandal.
I have been with them from all the change in names, Freeserve, Wannadoo, and now Orange. I cannot have broadband because my computer is getting on a bit, and don’t have all the bits and pieces, or memory. I can’t afford a new computer.
I have now signed up with AOL, completely different set up. Not used to it at all. Runs slow, probably because I have an old computer and Windows ME. Anyway a problem is I now cannot play games on Big Fish games. You need SUN Java. I did have it on my computer before I cleared it but can’t download it. I have been on their download page. Clicked on the Install Button, it looks like its downloading, and then see a quick flash of what looks like a authorisation, acceptance box, which is for a split second. And then a box comes up “refresh page and start installer again” I have tried to do this numerous times, but it just doesn’t want to know. Anyone out there got the same problem with SUN or is it all to do with the AOL software, and is there anyway around it? Any suggestions or help out there please?

Sorry for my long post, I’m in a tizz and have had to get everything off my chest.
PS I am not very technical.

Thanks in advance

  Earthsea 17:27 11 Oct 2007

Have you tried an offline installation? click here

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