Had to reinstall XP from scratch

  Totally-braindead 14:16 08 Aug 2004

Last week my PC just continually restarted, got so far and would reboot, could't get into safe mode it rebooted before that loaded too. Tried booting from the XP cdrom and tried repairing the XP installation and got nowhere. So basically I was stuck, couldn't get on to the forum to get any help and didn't have another pc I could use. So I formatted and reinstalled, fortunately I back up anything I really want to keep so nothing lost really and now I have a good new clean installation with none of the rubbish that deleting programs leaves behind. However has anyone any ideas on what caused this? I'm thinking virus but had Norton anti virus on, fully updated as well as all XP critical updates and Sygate firewall. There were no new programs installed for a about 2 weeks and the only downloads were the updates for XP and Norton antivirus. Is it likely to be a virus or just an unlucky Windows XP corruption problem and any suggestions of how to avoid this happening again, other than not actually switching the computer on in the first place! Thanks.

  VoG II 14:20 08 Aug 2004

click here possibly?

  livewire 14:25 08 Aug 2004

I had the exact same problem. The only thing that has appears to have cuased this in my case is either Hard Disk damage or serious File System Damage

  [DELETED] 14:28 08 Aug 2004

Seems to be a common problem, particularly with XP:

click here

  [DELETED] 14:33 08 Aug 2004

I give in, Silly site! Try and type restart into search.

  Totally-braindead 14:39 08 Aug 2004

Thanks Vog that may have been the problem, unfortunately its too late now to try this as I've reinstalled everything. livewire, the hard drives ok, no faults so its not been that although the file damage is a possability. Thanks for the input both of you. I just want to try to avoid this happening again. If possible. I've got Norton Systemworks installed, thats where my anti virus comes from and it has worked well up to now. Now I did have a much older version of Norton once, utilities I think it was called and it enabled you to create a backup using floppies, this is no realistic now due to the sizes of files but I was thinking about Ghost. If I had backed up my system using Ghost which is part of the Systemworks could I have used this to reinstall everything? Or is it not reliable enough.

  Totally-braindead 14:42 08 Aug 2004

Yeah Valvegrid ran through a lot of these threads before I started this one. Spent about 2 hours reading through them.

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