Had Enough from AOL Time To Move on....

  RobCharles1981 11:37 02 Nov 2007

When I rejoined AOL on October 10th, I was told by Member Services that I will be on the "Special Price Plan of £9.99 for 2mb Download Speeds with the FUP" ok fair enough the same price plan when I canceled)

So my Folks had their monthly bank statement to find that AOL are now charging us £14.99 very odd I thought, so I phoned them and stated the
question about this, and I was told that they stopped doing the "Special Price Plan" because AOL have gone out with BT and they only offer that on with LLU, so the price plan was £14.99 for the first 6 Months £17.99 there after I find that to much to pay for it do you agree?

Well I certainly did, I wasn't happy and requested a MAC Code. They transfered my call to bloody India and get the usual nonsense "You have been a loyal Customer to us for just over 2 and a Half Years ect" (At this point they are bribing me with pointless deals) I didn't take anything and I said I think about it well I'm not and I'm going to get rid of them.

I have been with AOL for over 2 and a Half Years or so they said (At this stage I had picked up from where I left off) From when I re-joined on October 10th)

So its time to move know I reckon I'm looking on click here at this moment at the ISP ratings.

And I'm basically looking for one that has

UK Based Support
Unlimited Downloads
And not to expensive.

I'm thinking about UKonline anyone care to assist on this one?

Thanks very much

  RobCharles1981 16:40 02 Nov 2007


  Graham. 16:50 02 Nov 2007

Sky broadband is good for me. India call centre, though.

  RobCharles1981 16:52 02 Nov 2007

Hi Graham I got Sky TV it seems I can only get Sky Connect! :-S

  Graham. 17:54 02 Nov 2007

Pity, I get faster speeds with their LLU.

  RobCharles1981 18:14 02 Nov 2007

Do you think Ukonline is good provider?

  FatboySlim71 20:35 02 Nov 2007

I transfered from AOL around 2 months ago as I was sick of the crap service they provided.

I moved to Zen, and their service is astounding, call center in this country, VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE staff.

Also there is no such thing as a "Unlimited Downloads" basically its is a fair use policy. If you go over whatever level they call fair use, the ISP will firstly throttle your speed, they can also suspend your account.

I must admit I was a bit concerned when I moved from AOL, with having a so called unlimited download limit to then having a 20GB limit with Zen, but I normally have around 1.5-2 GB of remaining allowance left at the end of the month and also you can purchase additional allowance if needs be, so I wouldn't be too concerned about having a monthly download limit.

Also, if you are wanting good customer service you have got to pay a little bit more as well, thats why I don't mind paying the extra with Zen. I really cannot recommend them enough.

click here

  johnem 21:13 02 Nov 2007

Been with UKonline LLU 1meg for about two years. Cheap fees, £9.99 per month. Better reliability since inbstalling router. Customer service used to be very slow answering the phone, but have not needed to contact them recently. Tempted to upgrade to their 2meg service.

  Ashrich 21:37 02 Nov 2007

I set up a connection for my sister with Uk Online , been up for 29 months without any drop outs or failures , very reliable , BUT , I have been offered a fantastic deal by O2 as I have my mobile account with them , £ 10 / month for up to 16meg connection , and as my sister lives within spitting of the exchange , I think we might take it ...


  woodchip 22:01 02 Nov 2007

I moved from Vergin media pre Ntlworld customer, to TalkTalk and so far after setting up was just a bit problematic. Now quite happy with cheep service an 8meg 40Gb cap per month free evening and weekend calls 36 international free anytime calls for just over £16

  RobCharles1981 22:09 02 Nov 2007


With the "Lite" for Ukonline broadband 2meg deal

What is the "33-1 contention Ratio" Mean?

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