rickf 12:52 08 Jan 2019

Hi, anyone tried this, and if so what was your experience?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:50 08 Jan 2019

worked for me with a samsung drive on my old PC

  rickf 15:34 08 Jan 2019

Great to know, thanks. Just worried it might screw up the PC.

  Forum Editor 23:00 08 Jan 2019

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:00 09 Jan 2019

CD / Drives repair FAQ click here setting There are actually up to 3 region protections on a system: - 1 in the DVD drive - 1 in the Operating System (windows) - More info on Windows region management. - 1 in the software player (e.g. WinDVD, PowerDVD...)

When you flash your drive with a region free firmware (RPC-1), you remove the region counter from the drive itself completely, but with this counter gone, the software counters kick in to replace the one from the DVD drive. This means that you still have these other 2 to defeat!!!.

An alternate region free solution that is available for some drives is known as an "Autoreset" firmware: Instead of removing the counter from the drive completely, the counter simply resets itself to an unlocked state when the computer is restarted. This way, the drive appears as region protected (RPC-2) but the counter can be changed indefinitely. Creating autoreset patches is slightly more difficult for the patcher, but makes the life of the user easier because DVD Genie and Region Killer are not required as they are for RPC-1 firmwares.

On the other hand, it's easy for software manufacturers to detect autoreset firmwares, and if they decide to do so, you will still need a software patch in the long run. This is why RPC-1 firmwares are seen by most as the long term solution.

So, unless a program like DISCInfo click here or Drive Region Info tells you that your drive is still protected or you used an autoreset firmware, your drive IS region free, and any region counters that you still see come from software region settings.

To bypass that, you need to use programs such as DVD Genie click here or DVD Region Killer click here (the later is highly recommanded but not sure if still around?).

xvi has written up an excellent article with even more information click here


  rickf 16:27 09 Jan 2019

Probably worth a try but maybe more economical time wise to just buy and install a region free dvd player. I use to have one of these when using an xp pc.

  rickf 16:46 09 Jan 2019

Just done a search. It seems times have changed and can't find any internal region free drives. Found and external one though. Might try that as it seems the process of hacking and turning the internal one region free is too troublesome to be worth trying. As said, years ago I bought a region free dvd drive at a computer fair and worked a treat. Obviously been a clamped down. Shame.

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