Hacking attacks

  Andsome 08:30 15 Nov 2009

Has anyone else noticed an increase in attacks? Not a day goes by when Nod does not warn me of at least one such attempt to attack my computer. China appears to be the main source, but a few have come from Austria and other places. Each time, I tell Nod to remember to dissalow contact with the offender, but of course the next attack even though it may be from the same source has a different address. The last two were from, and

  rawprawn 09:09 15 Nov 2009

No problems here, KIS is quiet as a mouse

  octal 09:45 15 Nov 2009

No attacks in my logs either. I wonder if you've got ICMP filtering enabled? If you have you'll get dozens of perceived attacks, every time your server pings the network will flag up as an attack even though it's harmless. Even if the computer gets pinged from China, who cares as long as the necessary ports are blocked they can't do much.

The trouble is if I block ICMP traffic some of my tools don't work, like traceroute and some other tools that require a reply from the distant server.

  octal 09:55 15 Nov 2009

I've just enabled my normal logs and I have quite a few blocks but nothing out of the ordinary as far as I can see, just normal traffic when I'm surfing around and they are all blocked.
Here's a screen shot: click here

  octal 10:01 15 Nov 2009

By the way, I was listening to Shoutcast this morning and all of those that have Shoutcast against them originate from China :)
I don't care as I said before they are all blocked from using those ports anyway.

  Andsome 10:03 15 Nov 2009

No problems with them Nod is seeing to that. I know others who have seen an increase.

  VoG II 20:35 15 Nov 2009

You are not being attacked. If you could not connect to other computers and vice versa there would be no (usable) internet.

Turn off the alerts and chill out. If you have a firewall and anti-virus then you are perfectly safe unless you do something stupid (like following a link on a phishing e-mail).

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