Newuser4069 13:30 02 Mar 2003

Hi all, Someone has been able to send e.mails with my address. I use server based mail account, not yahoo or hotmail.
How can it have been done. I am using WinMe, Zonealarm and upto date antivirus programmes (no trojans).
I have read all threads on this subject. Can someone with their own domain set up account and send these mails. What should I do?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:55 02 Mar 2003

You have probably got the Klez virus or someone has got your password - are the emails sent to friends in your address book or to unknown people? If they are sent to people in your address book then klez is the culprit. If they are sent to unknowns then someone has got your password and a change is due...then again it begs the question if they are sent to unknowns how do you know?....click here


  cdb 14:01 02 Mar 2003

can't these virii (virus's?) put any adress they want in the from field, so if someone with your adress on their computer has the virus, it can fake your adress without needing your passwords or anything?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:09 02 Mar 2003



  DieSse 14:40 02 Mar 2003

Yes - they can take an address from someones address book, and make it look as if the email has come from the extracted address.

  DieSse 14:44 02 Mar 2003

see here

click here

  Newuser4069 20:11 02 Mar 2003

Thanx, mails are sent to some of my contact in my add book but not to all of my friends. Obviously I do not know if mail are sent to unknowns. I use upto date PC-Cillin. I thought this will detect Klez virus. I have changed my password.
Kind regards

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