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  madPentium 01:02 15 Feb 2004

Hi everyone.
I have installed zonealarm to get some idea as to
whether anyone is trying to get into my system.
I am now scared stiff because after running ZA for just 2 hours, it blocked 2030 ip addresses. It says that they were all attempting to access port 135? I am told port 135 is essential for
emails and it has to be open. Can anyone please
tell me what is going on here?
I have run spybot and adaware and done a full norton virus scan, all clean.

Many thanks

  powerless 01:06 15 Feb 2004

Probably the blaster worm.

Your firewall blocked it = its doing its job.

  Forum Editor 01:27 15 Feb 2004

and I often think we might all be happier if firewalls told us nothing. In fact I'm an advocate of turning firewall notifications off - let it do its job in silence.

You'll get dozens of 'knocks' on your digital doors, but your firewall (if it's a good one) will keep out things that go bump in the cyber-night. Don't worry too much, the chances of a hacker picking your machine out of the millions of others online are remote. Remember those nature documentaries that show huge shoals of tiny fish, all moving as one? They do that for a reason - just imagine yourself as a predator trying to pick out a single fish for lunch. The same applies on the internet.

  jakimo 01:35 15 Feb 2004

turn off the information alert button and forget about it,we've all been there! and don't worry

  hugh-265156 01:51 15 Feb 2004

test your firewall click here click proceed and then click the file sharing and common ports tabs.if all steath then as above turn off alerts and logs.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:45 15 Feb 2004

It is for this reason alone that Steve Gibson should be publically humiliated...oops, forgot he was when he had a DNS attack ;-))). Gibson knows better and should silence these erroneous alerts or at least give a clear answer to them in his gaudy, self congratulatory pages of web meanderings. It causes worry amongst the gen. public and through this, one can tell that he used to be a marketer.

You will NOT get hacked on a home computer. Hackers are not interested in the utter drivel that is on mine and everyone else's

Firewalls are useful in stopping Trojans dialling out but to be honest, if someone wanted to put a dialler on a computer, it would not be rocket science. There are at least 5 programmes that can by-pass firewalls, 'TooLeaky' having the Gibsonmeisters' grudgingly awarded seal of entry. The Cult of the Dead Cows' Back Orifice, cheekily named after Microsoft's' Back Office, could easily be put on a target computer, if one was really trying and the firewall would still be asleep dreaming of bytes.

However, like my computer, most home computers contain utter drivel which is important to the owner but naff all use to the great unwashed. Bank and credit card details can be culled much easier than rooting through turgid files on a home computer. Hacking is NOT about breaking into home computers, it is about getting onto networks using passwords.

The 'alerts/attacks' are merely computers on the net asking your computer if it is still connected; these queries are called 'handshakes'. When you are connected to the net you could be going through many servers and routers. This occurs in a millisecond, so you do not notice. All these routers and servers need to know that your computer is receiving, so that they can send images and WebPages to your IP, which is in effect, your mailbox or receiving station. When on the Net you can pass through more than 20 servers and routers and they could all be handshaking your computer at short intervals. You will notice many of the 'alerts' come from Telecoms, which should come as no surprise as they own most of the routers etc. It is also interesting and miraculous that the 'alerts' disappear when you pay for the *ahem* Pro-Version of a firewall (see Zonealarm;-) ).

If you were being hacked, I can assure you that you would not get an alert.

Turn off all the alert buttons/warnings on your firewall safe in the knowledge that you will not be hacked.

If it is any consolation, I do not use a firewall on both my computers and I am on BB. I use a firewall on my laptop only because I take it to clients...so out of respect for their fears....... If you want to use a firewall use one that works silently in the background such as Outpost, unless you are networked onto a huge network not home, in which case you should be using a hardware firewall, there is no point in paying for a firewall.


  Billy911 09:49 15 Feb 2004

Another place to test your firewall click here

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