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  tulix 00:50 24 Jan 2003
  tulix 00:50 24 Jan 2003

can anyone tell me the best protection software against hackers please i have just got boadband and i want to keep myself protected. running xp.also i want to be able to download from kazza without sitting here watching it all nite.regards

  grove34 01:02 24 Jan 2003

axe in their head usually does it.

get a good firewall like sygate

and decent anti virus software.

i learnt the hard way

  Cordy13 01:04 24 Jan 2003

With KaZaA, a little prayer might help!

  tulix 01:07 24 Jan 2003

can you recomend someware else cordy 13?

  Lozzy 01:08 24 Jan 2003

First of all you have more chance of getting 6 numbers on the lottery than being hacked..

Having said that you only need two programms..

1. An Anti Virus either a free one or McAfee or Norton..

2. A Firewall again either a free one or Norton Personal Firewall..

All one can say you get what you pay for.. If you follow the wizards they are very easy to configure..

  mackaycc 01:23 24 Jan 2003

Free and recomended

Antivirus: AVG from Grisoft

click here

Firewall: Zonealarm

click here

  Alan-277820 10:28 24 Jan 2003

If your so keen to keep your self protected why are you wanting to use Kazza.
Its pointless putting security on your system if your going to ignore it.
By using Kazza your inviting trouble.

  MartinT-B 10:42 24 Jan 2003

If you haven't done so, consider partitioning your drive and storing your data on the new drive.

It won't stop a determined hacker, BUT it will be a massive help if you need to reformat C for any reason your data will remain on the new drive.

I have my 60gb divided in 3. C = 47,8gwith all programs, D = 1.20gb virtual mem (windows swap file) only, E = 6.82gb with all data stores (less than 2gb stored in 2 years!).

I also backup from E once every 14 days or so.

When I first got my PC I put my Outlook Express folders there before I set up my mail connection. Moving the OE folders can be a nightmare if you leave it.

I also reset the default stores for Office and Lotus there too as soon as I loaded them - including templates.

A little time spent at set-up saves hours if your system crashes.

It takes me 4 hours to reload windows and reset all my 'paths' if C gets corrupted, and I have never lost one piece of data.

  obbit 11:34 24 Jan 2003

Hi tulix..........zonealarm is very good and free. AVG is very good also free. i don't like norton it's to invasive.

zonealarm click here

Avg click here

if you use kazaa you will need spybot or ad-aware to get rid of the spyware that comes with kazaa
click here for spybot

click here for ad-aware

best wishes


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