hacked off

  norrisnovice 11:16 25 Feb 2012

i have been unlucky to be the victim of two hack attacks in last week 1st one of my mail order accounts were hacked and 100s of pounds worth of goods ordered though l spotted it in time to stop the goods going out however i wasnt so lucky when my ebay account was hacked i have a full update antivirus programe havent opened any dodgy emails i am aware of my question is what measures other than change passwords etc which i have done can i take to prevent this happening again

  birdface 11:54 25 Feb 2012

(full update antivirus } is that all the protection that you have if so I can see why you may have got hacked.

Try downloading and updating Malwarebytes and run that to see what it finds.

Maybe a restore back to factory settings may be your best bet or a reformat just to be in the safe side.

  birdface 12:00 25 Feb 2012

You still have 10 hours to download this program for free.

Sign into the site and doownload Mamutu.There should also be a button on it you press to get the keycode for it.But not to worry as they will post it to you as well.

Once you have downloaded Mamutu go into licence and it should say add voucher code and you just type in the keycode that you got to activate it for a year.

But like I said probably a reformat might be a better idea but wait and see what others think.

  birdface 12:02 25 Feb 2012

Oops forgot to post the site.


  robin_x 12:20 25 Feb 2012

This does not seem just a malware attack, although malware (possibly phishing links) have obtained your account details.

Make sure you are indeed back in control of your accounts and that new passwords have not been compromised. (preferably do this on another 'clean' computer)

Personally I would do a Full Factory Restore in spite of the many hours of hassle that entails.

Backup your data first and don't access until it has be scanned with a couple of anti-malware products as mentioned before.

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