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  boybrown 21:55 18 Dec 2003


i've been experiencing some problems with my PC so i thought that I woul change my antivirus software from AVG to Norton Antivirus. Having run the scan Norton has flagged up 2 files that it considers a threat, DE27 and DE29 both it has named as hacktool exe files. it will not let me delete these files and a search for these files will not show them up. I am at a loss as to what I can now do to get rid of these, has anyone else had experience of these?

  Jester2K II 21:57 18 Dec 2003

1) Scan in Safe Mode.

2) What is the location of these files?

  Mike ® 21:58 18 Dec 2003

Have you tried quarantining them?

  boybrown 22:06 18 Dec 2003


it won't let me do anything with the files, i've tried deleting them through Norton and delete is unsucessful.

jester, I'm unsure how to go about scanning in safe mode, can you davise further?



  Mike ® 22:17 18 Dec 2003

"it won't let me do anything with the files, i've tried deleting them through Norton and delete is unsucessful."

The reason I asked is because a file that wont delete, can sometimes still be quarantined within nav.

  boybrown 22:31 18 Dec 2003

Hi mike,

thanks for getting back. the file path that Norton is giving is on a separate partition that Norton is not installed on. it is located on my E drive but when i do a search for the location that is indicated by Norton, nothing comes up!

Still searching!

Any other ideas? i am currently trying Norton's online test and have also tried a Trojan and adware scan that has drawn a blank!

  cycoze 22:36 18 Dec 2003

Is your E drive a hard drive/partition ? or a cd drive ?

  noddy 1 22:39 18 Dec 2003

Hi Looks like you have a virus, Keep your avti-virus up to date,

Look Here,
click here

  boybrown 20:40 19 Dec 2003

Thanks to you all. I managed to start up in safe mode and then deleted the infected files from there, unfortunately in doing so it took down my whole operating system! All the exe. files attached to my programmes were rendered useless so I had to go and do a fresh install of windows XP! Have just finished restoring everything on the computer!

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