H87 fatal1ty restart problems with graphic cards

  lachi457 12:59 18 Jun 2018

Hello, I had a strange problem since I bought my pc. Whenevery windows did a restart, my pc was in some weird loop. All the fans/lights went off for 2 seconds. Then my pc restarts, turns off after 2 seconds againg... Until I unplugged the power supply and waited for a minute. I was wondering about this problem ever since, but found no solution and had no problems otherwise. Until now.

My graphic card is not giving any output. When I start my pc, it will turn on (without any video signals) for a couple of seconds. Then the pc shuts down completly. Then it turns on automatically and doesn´t turn off again. But no signal from my graphic card. Also, my BIOAS_A LED is on. I tried the graphic card with another computer. It gives no output but the pc is not restarting after 2 seconds. So probably it is broken and I am ok with that.

The problem is, I am afraid that my motherboard (or some other hardware) led to this problem and that my new graphic card will experience the same issues after a while. So I tried to put my old graphic card in my pc. The pc is starting and turning off and on again, but is working afterwards. (The fans of my old graphic card are not working, so I have a picture for a couple of seconds. Then the graphic card is overheating...So it is not possible to check any error messages...) Furthermore I tried to start the computer without any graphic card installed. The problem with the restart after a couple of seconds vanished. So it only happens with a graphic card plugged in. (I did test another power supply, no change)

My hardware: Xeon E3-1230 H87 fatal1ty performance R280X MSI Crucial MX100 SSD 2x ballistix sport 4gb 1600mhz be quiet straight power 10 500W

Thanks for reading, I would appreciate any help

  wee eddie 13:25 18 Jun 2018

Take it back to whoever you bought it from

  lachi457 13:59 18 Jun 2018

Not possible. I would buy a new graphic card and mainboard if this fixes the problem. But I´m not sure

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