MIKE 19:48 30 Aug 2003

I had a hard drive crash last night and decided to format and restart again the problem is after formating and loading 98SE Go Back keeps poping up and stops me from using windows by telling me it needs drivers. Do any of you great folks have any idea how to remove Go Back completly when I cant get into windows to remove said programme

  Falkyrn 20:08 30 Aug 2003

Try booting into safe mode F5 or F8 usually does the trick ... W98 should then only load the bare drivers needed to operate windows and this may give the opportunity to delete the offending item

  rickf 20:27 30 Aug 2003

Is this why, I could not give it away here earlier?

  rickf 20:28 30 Aug 2003

cclick here here

  jazzypop 23:26 30 Aug 2003
  jazzypop 10:00 31 Aug 2003

Received by email...

"Many thanks for your help, I really should have said I am using a Dell computor and added Go Back as a later add on so it did not come with my PC.

The information from Gateway was very informative and gave me food for thought but it implies Go Back is supplied by Gateway to its machines which was not the case for Dell.

I have formated my C: drive butI don't know how to get into the MBR to remove Go Back boy im such a clut's HELP PLEASE I can't get into windows and Go Back seems to require windows to access it."

As a general point, it is more helpful to you if you reply using the message box at the bottom of the screen, rather than by using the email envelope icon. That way, everyone can see the progress of the thread, and contribute as they see fit.

The link that I gave, although published by Gateway, is general advice about unhooking GoBack from the MBR. It is not specific to Gateway machines, or a Gateway version of GoBack.

Basically, as the PC boots, press Ctrl-Alt-G, followed by F at the prompt.

For confirmation, consider the following advice, from click here

Older versions of GoBack created a problem when one fdisks /mbr while GoBack is active. Newer versions are able to recognize and rehook itself to the MBR without using a copy of one of GoBacks files on a flopy while in DOS.

GoBack is tied to the mbr, how else could such a program function? The things to do that comes to mind would be to disable goback for a few sessions, or fully uninstall goback.
And do NOT blindly follow advice when someone tells you to do fdisk /mbr.

When you uninstall goback, first disable bios anti-virus (The AV will yell at you when it sees a change to MBR.)

While disabling/uninstalling goback, an installed AV program may also want to protect the mbr (message in the vein of "changes to boot record", etc.)

You would want to allow changes.
But hell, I have seen quite a few problems when two "services" acted simultaneuously. Take a motherboard AV feature and AV proggy, when both active, they may cause protective clashes, and you will often find that when you said YES, it was only to ONE of them...

To disable GOBACK;

1- From the Start menu, click Shut Down, and then select the option to restart the computer.

Hold down the CTRL + ALT keys simultaneously while tapping the G key right after the computer completes its Power On Self Test (POST) and before the GoBack message.

Note: Timing is very important and it may take a few tries.

GoBack prompts if you would like to force GoBack to unhook itself from the MBR.

To have GoBack unhook itself, press the F key.

A message prompting that GoBack successfully unhooked itself appears and the computer starts back into Windows.

A message may appear that prompts that GoBack is currently disabled and would you like to re-enable it. Click Yes.

If a message does not appear or if GoBack does not successfully enable again, follow the normal removal/reinstall procedure for your version of GoBack.

2- There is a method of booting off a flopy while GoBack is active. When you reboot the system there is a window that advices you to hit the spacebar if you want to restore your system. If you do, a menu apears, and one of the items is "boot from floppy".

Just another note.

When you use GHOST, you had better read the helpfiles about how to use Ghost when GOBACK is installed."

  Falkyrn 17:44 31 Aug 2003

Symantic support list details of removing any chages goback makes tot he boot sector at click here=

  MIKE 13:00 01 Sep 2003

Many thanks you merry clever folk for resolving my probs. In the end I used jazzypop's line of help,I booted in safe mode then used CTRL + ALT keys simultaneously while tapping the G key it took some time to get the timing right but in the end bingo. I have now bought Norton system works pro which has Ghost I am going to make an image straight after this screed As a final question should I be afraid to use Go Back 3 or am I a sucker for punishment after my recent troubles.

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