Gygabyte Motherboad problem

  wetterfugal © 19:53 25 Apr 2005

I Built a computer about three years ago using a Gigabyte 7VRXP mother board and when installed there was an animated icon in the systray showing a pair of eyes looking around. left clicking this icon showed the speed and temperature of the case and processor fans.

Last year I had cause to do a total reformat and reinstall and since then the gigabyte icon has not come back. Has anyone any idea?

  User-312386 19:55 25 Apr 2005

On the MOBO disc are the sensor programmes

  wetterfugal © 20:13 25 Apr 2005


I have browsed all the files on the disk and cant find any that will give a clue to the sensors.

Originally it was installed first time automaticly.

  User-312386 21:01 25 Apr 2005
  wetterfugal © 21:09 25 Apr 2005


I have only recently updated all my drivers and the icon has not been replaced, however I have just e-mailed Gigayte and and I would hope that they have the answer.

Thanks for your assistance. If I get a satisfactory reply I will post it on this thread for infomation.



  Totally-braindead 21:45 25 Apr 2005

I have a Gigabyte GA7VAXP and can confirm the eyes you mention are the sensor program which is on the motherboard driver disk. It is not installed by default you have to choose to install it, its under utilities I think it is, on your disk.

  wetterfugal © 23:47 25 Apr 2005


I had another look at the disk and there was item called Tools and from there I accessed a menue of utillities one of which was "Gigabyte Hardware Manager" I installed this and everything is resolved now, thanks again

regards, Vic.

  wetterfugal © 23:49 25 Apr 2005

Cant get the resolved tick to appear!

  wetterfugal © 23:50 25 Apr 2005


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