Guitar/PC connection.

  yogibear 10:49 15 Jan 2003
  yogibear 10:49 15 Jan 2003

My son got an electric guitar for christmas with a view to having lessons. Unfortunately the only tutor near me is 10 miles away and wants a kings ransom for lessons.
Is there any way that I can plug the guitar into his pc, and software that will allow him to learn 'online' as it were?

  Murf 10:57 15 Jan 2003

try click here ,might be helpful. I dont know about online lessons but im sure you can get interactive tuition CD-Roms and if its just a case of connecting the guitar into the PC i connect my Les Paul through a Korg ( click here ) Pandora and then straight into the Line In socket of my soundcard.

  woodchip 10:58 15 Jan 2003

You can get a guitar jackplug to mini jackplug from HI-FI or Electronic's shop you just then plug in at the back PCworld have software to learn

  Murf 11:01 15 Jan 2003

I dont think the guitars pickups produce a strong enough signal to go straight into the line in socket, i think it has to be amplified in some way first.

  woodchip 11:13 15 Jan 2003

It does work if plugged into mike socket but only low volume but the amp can be pluged into line in so it does not blow anything

  Murf 11:19 15 Jan 2003

I stand corrected,are you using single coil or humbucker pickups? I tried that setup but the signal was so weak i could hear virtually nothing! i got a slightly stronger signal by taking a line out from the back of my amp but found it to work only at a reasonable volume with no unintended distortion when taken from the headfone socket on my amp or when run through my wee Korg thing.

  yogibear 17:44 15 Jan 2003

Thanks for that. The little cherub (?) is looking over my shoulder and planning to spend more of my money on this little project. Oh well, keeps him off the streets.

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