Guitar through PC - can it be done?

  billy 11:37 26 Apr 2003

My daughter has just bought an electric guitar but has no amplifier or speaker. Does anyone know if she can plug it into the Mic-in or line-in ports on the PC and listen to it play through the speakers and also record onto the PC? If I try can it do any harm?

  AndySD 11:57 26 Apr 2003

Yes it can be plugged into the PC use the line in first. As to harm there should be no problem. My stepson plays his guitar like this most days.

  spuds 12:23 26 Apr 2003

There are a number of software programmes that are available for 'musical people'. I have a programme called PC Music Toolkit, that let's me connect from electronic musical instruments into my computer, and make various recording and cd burning procedures etc. Try click here

I use a very good programme to record guitar onto my PC, it`s called "Cakewalk Guitar Tracks", you can record multiple tracks add drums & amp/pedal effects.

  billy 14:47 26 Apr 2003

Thanks for the advice. Works fine.

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