chubb 41 14:14 04 Oct 2003

wot softwere do i need 2 record my guitar and play it tho my pc

  spuds 15:04 04 Oct 2003
  Mysticnas 15:10 04 Oct 2003

what soundcard do you have? what connection methods you got?

I connect mine through my Audigy2 platinum drive. It's basicaly a line in. I can either plug it in pre amped or via amp...

Then the software you use to mix it into a track is upto you. I used Sonic Foundry Sound Forge which is a professional program, or cubasis etc...

  chubb 41 17:44 04 Oct 2003

i have a sonund blaster live m8

  Mysticnas 22:25 07 Oct 2003

hmmm... do you have a live drive with that?

if not you can get one from the creative site. You can buy it from thier site. Go to the UK site, then the buying section, and then extra's. You should find it there.

  acrobat270 00:52 08 Oct 2003

Several options possible. I also use audigy 2 platinum which includes a breakout box - a panel inserted into a free drive bay, so you can plug straight into a connector. Alternatively you can put a mini jack adapter on your guitar lead and plug into a mic socket on any soundcard.

Software: Several possibilities. Have a look at a copy of 'computer music' magazine or check out their website click here for reviews, tutorials and advice. Their cover disc contains a free music studio called 'muzzys' I believe. I use cubasis vst and music studio deluxe. Both ok. I also use a plug in called amplitude which simulates a variety of amplifiers and effects. Often the basic recorded sound is very flat and dry and adding effects with stomp boxes can add toomuch noise to your recording.
Your main problem will

  acrobat270 00:58 08 Oct 2003

Be aware also of latency issues (a delay in hearing your guitar through headphones/speakers as you record making everything seem out of time with any drums machine/other instruments recorded. This can make multi track recording a nightmare. Look for a soundcard/software that supports ASIO drivers which can combat this problem.

Ideally you will have a reasonable processor and plenty of ram or the recording quality will really suffer.

Good luck!

For info:
My system is win xp pro
P4 2.6
1GB Ram
2x 80GB Hard drives (Software on 1, recordings on other)
Audigy 2 Platinum
Cubasis VST 4
Music Studio Deluxe

  spuds 20:03 14 Oct 2003

See you have not ticked the box, so question must still require help. Here is another likely source click here for you to check.

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