Guidance needed: updating a pc for gaming

  Herdwickvic 17:02 30 Oct 2013

I'm wanting to update my pc so it can support steam games and a ps2 emulator. PC world advised me on the Asus nvidia GeForce gt 630. And I wanted to check that it was comparable with my pc. It is firefly fp9004 2.00 gb ram and pentium dual core CPU e5300 @ 2.60ghz. Should I go with it? Or do I need a faster processor as well? Any help is greatly appreciated? If I've missed information let me know. Vic

  chub_tor 17:16 30 Oct 2013

That is a pretty old unit 2009/10 according to this review. You could put a GT630 in it but I am not sure that it is worth spending upwards of £60 for the gain that you will get. You will always be limited by the 2Gb of RAM and that is DDR2 and according to the spec cannot be increased. The processor is Socket 775 which was dropped some time ago. I would start saving for a new and more up to date PC if you want to play some of the modern games.

  Herdwickvic 17:50 30 Oct 2013

Right so even for an emulator that's a no go, is there any particular ones I should be looking at, any brands you would recommend? Is there any actual difference between amd and intel? They'll be a lot cheaper come christmas time. Thanks for the advice

  Ian in Northampton 19:03 30 Oct 2013

I had a good experience with ViBox, who do a good range of gaming machines. I spent £400 on one of theirs for my son, who's pretty happy with it and their service was good.

Re Intel vs. AMD: you'll find many people believe that Intel is the better option, and it may be so - but with AMD, you typically pay less for comparable processing capability. Personally, I wouldn't bother too much about it. (My son's PC is AMD-based, and it's fine).

  nickf 00:44 31 Oct 2013

Intel outstrips AMD in every department when it comes to gaming . as for your PS2 emulator , would probably be cheaper to buy an old ps2 . A decent gaming rig really starts at around the £600 for intel based system . Gaming is all about the CPU and GPU . I would aim for nothing less than an i3 ivy bridge CPU and a GTX 650 GPU .

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