Guidance loading new computer, please

  Chris the Ancient 09:13 22 May 2009

This weekend - being a 3-day weekend, I'm hoping to get my brand new computer loaded... properly!

However, I feel that any guidance, or help, in advance would be advantageous so that I can get it right first time, for a change.

I bought an Icon PC from Novatech, but not pre-loaded because of things I want to add/modify - and I would so like to get things in the right order as I load my operating system.

Questions, not necessarily in order...

* Should I load the motherboard drivers first or WinXP (new) first? This is one where I've always achieved an end result by 'experimenting'.

* I am fitting a 2nd hard drive (removable caddy) which will be used purely for back up (so not even contemplating RAID). SATA 1 and 2 are being used by the primary HDD and DVD respectively. I assume SATA 3 will be OK for the removable drive?
Can that be installed right at the beginning, or is it better to install it after the operating system is loaded?

* The thorny one (for me). I have a spare, new GeForce 8400 graphics card. When, in the system build sequence should I install it? I am puzzled because the instructions say that the existing on-board graphics should be disabled and the new drivers installed. But in which order? And when? I can see from the motherboard user guide that the disabling is accomplished in the BIOS,.. no problem there.
However, if I've disabled the on-board graphics (at the wrong time?) I might not see anything on the monitor when I most need to during the operating system build. So what is the _proper_ way of doing this?

Fortunately, my existing PC will be available at all times until I have the system running sweetly.

I'm asking in good time so that I might even start this evening. But I'm out today so can't offer immediate replies.


  Graphicool1 09:22 22 May 2009

Step-by-step guide... click here

  kalignorgna 10:09 22 May 2009

First off fit the graphics card in to the motherboards PCI-E slot and connect the power cable to the card and ensure that the card is fixed (not lose). There will be no need to manually disable the onboard graphics as most BIOS disable the on board graphics once it detects a graphics card. The next step is to install windows on your machine once windows is installed install the motherboard and graphics drivers and any other drivers needed.

as for the 2nd hard drive as long as you can tell the difference between the primary and secondary it shouldn’t make a difference having it connected before you install windows and yes you can use SATA 3 but i find that SATA 1 + 2 are better for use with hard drives and since its not hard to change the cables round better to be safe then sorry

  Chris the Ancient 18:09 22 May 2009

...for the guidance, guys.

Graphicool1... neat link. Thanks

kalignorgn... Thanks for the reassurance re windows/drivers sequence. It has been the way I've done it in the past - but I was never sure if that was the right way.
I'll whack the graphics card in straight away and try it. If the worst comes to the worst, I can take it out again and try later on in the loading.
Drive order will be OK. I'll know which is which ;-)) (I hope!).

I'll mark as resolved and scream for help if I need it later.

Thanks again.


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